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Our Promise to You
Our mission is to provide the highest degree of accuracy and world class customer service in order to have your payroll ready when promised each and every pay period.

What is Important to You?
Service Service is the key to our success.  You and your business are important to us and we look forward to providing you with the absolute highest level of service, as we strive to take the worries and troubles of payroll off your you can get back to business.
Accuracy Providing our clients with perfect payrolls and managing their payroll tax liabilities with a passion is our business.  We will accurately process your tax dollars in a timely manner.
Products Our products are designed and packaged to help you manage your payroll with ease, while keeping your costs to a minimum.  Whether you want Total Tax Management, Direct Deposit, Benefit Time-Off Accruals, Electronic Time and Attendance packages; we have something to fit businesses and budgets of all sizes.

United Payroll Services, Inc.
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Colorado Springs, CO 80918
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